Automotive industry

PPAP guarantee required

A wide range of high-quality precision components and assemblies are supplied to the automotive industry, including high-quality parts in engines.

Medical industry

Guaranteed quality

Healthcare is becoming increasingly sophisticated with high-quality technology.
Numerous parts for medical systems and ORs are made at Roosen Machining.

High-Tech industry

High accuracy

The quality and accuracy of high-tech machines and equipment also depends on the parts and components that are made for them.

Food industry

High security requirements

For the food industry, parts and components are supplied that meet the specific hygiene requirements for this industry. Stainless steel and aluminum are common materials in this industry.

Machine and equipment construction

Successful thinking

The experience, expertise and capabilities of Roosen Machining ensure successful cooperation with machine and equipment builders.

Offshore industry

Repetitive high quality

The work for the offshore industry consists of the production of solid high precision components for platforms that meet the highest quality requirements.

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